X16 Scan Ceiver wProgram
Part #: X16WP


ScanCeiver X16 Single [Program Cable and Disc Included, not shown]
Raceceivers have been great over the years and we have sold 1000ís without any problems but if you are looking for a lower cost option then you are at the right place. We have the X16 radio receiver programmed to 454.0000 that comes with a special design 2.5 plug Challenger Sportsman Mono Earbuds. It has more receiving power with a better antenna and its louder, a lot louder !.
Kit includes-
Radio is programmed to 454.000 [most common track freq] receive only on channel 1, Channel 2 through 16 are blank but we can program any channel you like or with a program kit with our disc and cable you can program just about any channel you like.
Program Kit Included

The X16 programmed to 454.000 but has 15 other channels you can use [with program]

The X16 has a real external antenna

The X16 has a 3.7 volt battery with 1500mAH

The X16 has a 24+ hours receive battery on full charge

The X16 has a 110v drop in charger

The X16 can be programmed with receive and send codes [with program]

The X16 has voice prompt telling you which channel you are on

The X16 has unlimited receive distance

The X16 comes with earbuds, 2.5 mono

The X16 has a standard volume dial

The X16 has a programmed squelch control

The X16 has a 90 day radio warranty
Side cover shows orange. This may change to a different color in the future.
Are you a Race Fan? Want to use this at the races? This will do it !
Simple- Just add a program kit and put in your favorite drivers freqs. With the program kit you can add up to 16 channels and even add the auto scan option to one channel or all 16

Check our feedbacks and comments

Awesome better than expected
Loud and clear works great
Twice as loud as the other ones
1st one I found thatís loud enough for a sprint car
Reception is super even on a 2.5 road course
Half the price but twice as good, love it
Bought the x16 and the IMSA car harness jumper and now I think the whole club is switching
Thanks for changing it to my track freq works great
Options are unlimited with program, ordering another right now
Lasted 24 hours on a charge
Over half the cars at our track use one. IT WORKS!
Ordering 2 more now with program and box Thanks

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