X16 Kit wHeadset
Part #: X16WHS


Everything you need to listen to your favorite driver, track tower etc. any Freq within the 450 470 UHF range
Complete Kit Includes
X16 Scanceiver Preprogrammed to 454.00 [ most tracks use this freq ] 15 more open channels you can program. Program kit Disc and Cable included.
X16 has voice prompt. Never again have to look down at the channel knob. Whenever you change channels the voice prompt tells you what channel you are now on.
Listen only Pro50 Professional Headset with coiled headset cord and a X16 adaptor that can be changed over to a 3.5 music or other items that use a 3.5 plug. All included.
X16 Scanceiver
X16 Program kit with cable and disc
51000S Pro50 Headset
Scanner cord with 3.5 and 2.5 adaptor
Race Radios Direct Radio Belt
120.00 value and on sell for 99.99

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