X16 FAQ and Tech
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Your X16 is programmed to receive 454.000 on channel 1 unless you have requested another channel. The 454.000 is the most common driver track info channel in the USA. If you decide you would like to scan more channels and did not request it before your order then go to RaceRadiosDirect.com and in the index under radios and scanners you will see the X16P program cable and disc. Very low cost and does many scan options for your X16 including adding channels and scanning up to 15 more freqs [ even at the same time ] in the 450-470 range making it perfect for race fans in the stands, drivers wanting to listen to the track and a spotter or a crew chief wanting to listen to other teams and still stay connected to their own team and listen to race control can all be done.
Starting 9012019 the PTT located on the side is disabled. This has been a request of many tracks and teams. The X16 is a receive only scanner but someone found out that pressing the PTT on the side would interfere with track control at some tracks. Problem solved. All X16ís with the BlackWhite center logo or sold after 9012019 have this built in the scanner.
How do I get my X16 to scan? I want to hear the track and my driver.
Answer. You will need to buy the program if your kit did not come with it. Once the program is loaded and after selecting a comm port connect the radio then do a READ FROM RADIO. Then add the extra freqs on the blank channels. look at your current channel chart and under the remaining options copy those except to a YES under Scan Add. One of your main channels should be added to Ch16 and 16 should be check scan also. You will now listen on Ch16 and the other channels that are checked scan will broadcast over Ch16.

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