GT1 16 Channel Radio
Part #: 61GT1


USA Version
Narrow band Legal [Most China models are Not]
Comes with factory program 450 to 470

Voice prompt on all channels. Tells you what channels you are on without looking at the dial

Tell us what channel freqs and codes you want and we will add them Free or buy the low cost program kit in our store.

Program Part # 61GT1P

Proven low cost radio that we use in most of our FanScan kits and in our budget short track kit

Starting in August 2019 all GT-1 radios that are used in our Fanscan and economy race set will
now be marked as GT-1U. This is so when buying or adding on to sets you will be able to tell
the difference from the Real USA VER 1.01 GT-1s and the lower cost models sold on ebay and
some other sites. The lower cost models DO NOT have the same programming and most likely
will not be able to match the settings in the current radios you have.
Many times over the last few years we have had customers who already have our sets buy other
GT-1 radios online. Then they try and program them to match and sometimes even with our
programming kits we sell. The lower cost models with the Chinese program will not talk or
program to the USA model. Now with the help on the factory you will now be able to verify
the correct radio.

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