Short Track Econo RaceRadio Set
Part #: 60007G


Retail 524.99
Sale 399.99
If you are on a Tight Budget and are running a short track this is our lowest cost set.
100's sold on our Ebay store over the years and now with upgraded parts and a better price here on RaceRadiosDirect
This is a complete set for Driver and Crew Chief. Includes 2 16 channel GT2U radios with drop in fast chargers. Also includes car harness, interface connector, Velcro push to talk, helmet harness kit with ear buds SEE UPGRADE BELOW, Crew chief head set with noise cancelling microphone with coiled cord, Ptt on left ear cup, scanner option and a in car clamp on radio box.
RADIO INFO -2 GT2U 16 channel radios. If you are running anything bigger than a half mile or tracks that does not have a direct line of sight go back into our store and check out our speedway and road course systems.
Super Nice Upgrade over the very popular GT1U that has been in our kits and FanScan Systems for years. This is by far the best deal for a budget radio. 16 Channel, UHF 450-470 with Tx and Rec codes just like the higher end radios. Charge it anyplace that you can charge a cell phone. Drop in charger with USB plug.
Free programming, just ask before purchase or email us first.
All radios come preprogramed with factory freq's so they will talk with each other

HEADSET INFO - Pro 50 Carbon Series. the same headset that comes with our speedway sets. The best and sharpest headset on the market.
HELMET HARNESS INFO - Helmet kit comes with the standard IMSA plug and Challenger mono ear buds. Mounting kit included
CAR HARNESS INFO - Nexus IMSA helmet jack for long lasting durability. Features 6 ft. leads for helmet and push-to-talk. 5-pin connector allows use with the short 2 pin interface jumper
PUSH TO TALK INFO - The finest portable PTT with dual micro switches. Easily attaches to with removable Velcro® attachment.
RaceRadiosDirect Belt

Upgrades. See EBupgrades in index under Up grades. Super deal and highly suggested

If you think you may need one here’s help on picking.
Metal Roof 59450K ¼ wave
Metal roof 59450FK Shark Fin
Metal roof 59450T tunable booster
Metal roof 59450SK Phamton Stub
Non Metal roof 59450NP
This kit will need a BNC added PART #59500H

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