FanScan Link And Talk 6 Slot Charger
Part #: 58888


Fan Scan Link and Talk  Pro 50 Big Bank 6 Charger
Works with all FanScanLinkandTalk systems using the 888 Radio  [NOT GT-1  Series]

Not a standard universal charger as seen on Ebay from china suppliers but a superior charger with
a smart charger that wont fry and damage your radios.

   Universal chargers dump up to 14 volts into your radio batteries !!!

This charger does not do that but instead sends the correct amount of volts to the battery and it even
   knows how many batteries its charging.  One battery gets enough for just one. Six batteries get
   enough for six.

If you have been using a universal charger you will see the difference as soon as you plug it in.
         Lights come on Green then bink to Red then out until radio is dropped in. Voltage will then
         be reduced to the correct amount for the max charge rate. Light goes green when charged.

This is the same technology used in chargers that sell for 350.00 plus

                                IT WONT FRY YOUR RADIO OR BATTERY

Works with
FanScanLinkandTalk  systems using the 888 radio
Baofeng 888
Pofung 888
Retevis H777

Will Not work with FanScan GT-1 radios

110v ac input standard plug
Max output [at convertor] 14v 4A
Max output [ at battery ] 4.2 volt 1.5A

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